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About our high tech packing station

We pack fruit and vegetables at the best possible location in the logistical center of Europe. We create quality for food, by shortening the supply chain.

Jan Oostdijk
Commercial manager
Countless sustainable packing options

Our machine park enables us to pack with different packing systems, suitable for every season.


Our netlon packaging are perfect for packing (citrus) fruit and vegetables. Up to three kg’s with label, deepack or girsac.


With our flowpacks we guarantee quality and 100% food safe packaging. From standard flowpacks to customized.


The topseal are available in different sizes, various quality grades and different kind of materials. 


Our team provides the speed and expertise necessary for the proper processing of your order. You can therefore safely leave the sorting and repacking to us..


Avocado’s and sweet potatoes are perfectly suited for laser branding. In this way, we make excessive packaging materials superfluous.


This is a form of packaging in which the product is presented on a dish that is tightly sealed by thin foil on the underside.


The punnets are available in customised sizes and various quality grades. Optimum protection for your products and made of 100 % recyclable synthetic material.


Maximum freshness through cooling in the logistical port of Europe. All packaging and cooling facilities are available at the same location.

Materials, coldstores and ripening
Sorting and repack
The shortest way to customers

Our priority one is to reduce food waste and get fruit and vegetables as fresh as possible to the customers.

Show your corporate identity on every piece of fruit


Stand out on the store shelves and use environmentally friendly laser branding on your products.

Unique ginger line for the best results


Discover our sustainable ginger line in which we check, sort, package and label your products under the best possible conditions.

Jan Oostdijk
Commercial manager